Chad & Krista Dearey

Hello- we are Chad and Krista Dearey and we are so excited to be a part of the Pastoral Team here at The Ark Fellowship. We have been married for over twenty years and have eight children–four boys and four girls. The majority of our lives has been spent in marketplace ministry as self-employed entrepreneurs. Our constant passion has always been the marriage of family and ministry in the home.

We believe the Lord is creating a space and place here at The Ark that feels like home. A place where you feel comfortable … there’s a sense of peace … and everything seems right. Similar to that feeling that you have when you come back after a long trip, you race through the front door and can’t wait to be with your family. Our hearts’ desire is to build a Kingdom family that feels like that here at The Ark. It won’t be perfect. But our hope is that you will have a knowing in your heart that this is where God has placed you, this is home.

As our family comes alongside the Johnson family to help serve at The Ark, we endeavor to build a home that our Father will abide in. A place where hungry people gather to experience the love and fire of God. A place where family is valued, cultivated and celebrated. A place where children are prized and prioritized. A place where men and women are fathered. A home where everyone has a voice to be heard, a hand to help and a knowing that they belong.

We are thrilled to join you on this journey.