Interested in serving?

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  • Genuine faith in Jesus Christ
  • Healthy family life
  • Agreement with The Ark Core Beliefs and Building Blocks
  • Completion of Ark 101 / Welcome Home
  • Attendance at The Ark for three months


  • Commitment
    • Faithful attendance and punctuality to services and meetings
  • Growth
    • Seek to strengthen your relationship with God and in the body
  • Excellence
    • Give your best effort and remain open to constructive criticism
  • Humility
    • Respect and honor leadership and peers and submit to the guidelines and direction set forth
  • Team Attitude
    • Be a team player. Grow and flow together with a cooperative attitude
  • Communication
    • Develop healthy relational team dynamics through encouragement and positive communication.

Ministry Information

Please check only one or two of the areas below that you desire most to serve in.

Personal Information

Please be prepared to share your testimony of how you got saved and how your walk with the Lord is currently with your ministry leader. Also be prepared to share some personal goals and desires the Lord has put in your heart for your life.