Core Values

We are a Jesus centered community of believers who exist to steward the fire of revival in the context of family with the oversight of spiritual fathering.  

  1. FIRE

We value the fire of God. (Leviticus 6:13). We honor, deeply treasure, and desire to host His presence and glory well. (Psalm 139:7, Exodus 33:16). We long to be a community with oil in our lamps. (Matthew 25) The greatest manifestation of revival and the fire of God is our hearts being fully alive and in love with Him and others. (Matthew 22:37-38)


God’s purpose for His Church is that we might be fitted together, grow together, and be built together into a holy temple which will be God’s eternal dwelling place. (Eph 2:19-22) Relationship with one another is the foundation for all New Testament ministry. We are all living stones being built together into a spiritual house. (1 Peter 2:5) In family, we learn how to participate, contribute, and bear one another’s burdens. (Gal 6:2)


A Church without spiritual parenting and authority is an orphanage. God has set fathers in families to provide, protect, be present, and become the priests of the home. Non-accountable relationships mean that we develop a life in God without applying truth to ourselves. In a kingdom culture, spiritual parents are honored and sons and daughters are empowered through a relational process which includes encouragement, correction, and rebuke.